Spider-Man Rewind

Episode 033: The Final Chapter

June 7, 2019


Listen, we talk a big game every episode (we are, like Stan Lee, our own biggest hype men), but this truly is one of the most important episodes of Spider-Man Rewind, EVER! In this episode we finish the Master Planner story arc and witness possibly Spider-Man's greatest triumph of ALL. This episode is a love letter to one of the most pivotal and iconic moments in Spider-Man's career, with a very special extended intro kicking off the celebration. All of this, plus some Fantastic Four shenanigans! This all adds up to an all-time great Rewind session, and we're so glad to have you here. In this episode, we cover:

Amazing Spider-Man #32

Amazing Spider-Man #33

Spider-Man/Fantastic Four #1


Spider-Man Rewind is a podcast where two young fellas, Griffin and Ethan, read all the Spider-Man comics in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER and tell you all the stuff that happens in Peter Parker's life!
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