Spider-Man Rewind

Episode 028: The Sickest Episode of Them All

May 4, 2019


Because YOU, the Rewind boys, girls, and everything in between, demanded it... ANOTHER TWO-HOUR EPISODE! Lots of fun coming your way, not only because of the staggering amount of content, but because Ethan and Griffin were a little drunk when recording this one! Before editing, this episode was an absolute nightmare, which you can get a little taste of in the mega-sized blooper reel after the end music! Within these issues, Spider-Man finally loses his mind, J. Jonah Jameson pays for a robot to kill Spider-Man himself, and we begin our ramp-up to Peter Parker's prom! In this episode, we cover:

Amazing Spider-Man #24

Amazing Spider-Man #25

Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man #7


Spider-Man Rewind is a podcast where two young fellas, Griffin and Ethan, read all the Spider-Man comics in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER and tell you all the stuff that happens in Peter Parker's life!
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