Spider-Man Rewind

Episode 027: Grand Finales and Green Meanies

April 27, 2019


If you're some kinda madman who wants a TWO-HOUR episode of Rewind, then you are in luck! You've got a packed episode sitting in your feed this week as the Rewind Bois finally reach the end of Kurt Busiek's Untold Tales of Spider-Man! It's an emotional time for Ethan and Griffin, but it's not all doom and gloom as we also dive deep into a plan constructed by the whimsical elf himself, the GREEN GOBLIN, to take over the underworld! In this episode, we cover:

Untold Tales of Spider-Man #24

Amazing Spider-Man #23

Untold Tales of Spider-Man #25


Spider-Man Rewind is a podcast where two young fellas, Griffin and Ethan, read all the Spider-Man comics in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER and tell you all the stuff that happens in Peter Parker's life!
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