Spider-Man Rewind

Episode 021: Man Without Fear and Man Without Powers

March 17, 2019


You like the Headsman? ...Oh, you don't? What about Daredevil? There we go, now you're interested. How about I sweeten the pot a little more? You like the Green Goblin? Of COURSE you do! What if I told you that there was even MORE awesomeness in this episode? What if I told you SIX of Spider-Man's GREATEST VILLAINS were teaming up to defeat him in a SINISTER fashion? You're right, that's probably overkill. In this episode, we cover:
Amazing Spider-Man #16
Untold Tales of Spider-Man #18
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1

Spider-Man Rewind is a podcast where two young fellas, Griffin and Ethan, read all the Spider-Man comics in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER and tell you all the stuff that happens in Peter Parker's life!
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