Spider-Man Rewind

Episode 014: The Secrets of Betty Brant… Revealed! (Also Batwing)

January 26, 2019


It's a lucky day for the Forgettable Five as the HEADSMAN makes the scene! He's scary, he's hairy, and he's really just a puppet of a much better villain! Batwing makes our acquaintance once again but this time runs afoul of the LIZARD! Couple of unlovable monsters. But the episode doesn't end there, True Believers! No, before we run out of tape you will finally know the secrets of Betty Brant! Don't miss it! In this episode, we cover:

Untold Tales of Spider-Man #8

Untold Tales of Spider-Man #9

Amazing Spider-Man #11


Spider-Man Rewind is a podcast where two young fellas, Griffin and Ethan, read all the Spider-Man comics in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER and tell you all the stuff that happens in Peter Parker's life!

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